Formamide Free Foaming Agent SN-693

Product Introduction
Compound with low smell additive, widely used in foaming TPR, EVA, PE, PVC, PS, POM, etc.

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Product details


l No ammonia smell

l Stabilized foaming ratio

l Excellent dispersing property

l Productions with excellent mechanical properties

Application Notes

Through processing of polymers, AC foaming agent will decompose gas with bad smell. The gas mainly includes ammonia and others which come from curing process which are bad for our health.

SN-693 foaming agent will not decompose NH3, cyanuric acid and methyl amide. So, it can be used in toys, indoor wallpaper, high grade sports shoes, car ornament and environmentally friendly products.

Technical Indicators

Product mode




Insoluble in any solution


Easy Dispersed white powder

White grains

Decomposition temperature℃



Gas evolution ml/g




Particle size(μm)


l SN-693 is a high-performance foaming agent, and can be used instead of 80% pure AC foaming agent.

l The dosage of Masterbatch should be doubled on purpose of safety.

Storage and Transportation

This series of foaming agent should be stored in a cool dry and ventilated place, and be kept away from hot, fire and direct sunlight, and no contact with acids and alkali. The product powder may not be breathed or swallowed in or contact the skin.


Powder is packaged with bag carton or drum every 25kg. Every five tons has the same batch number. If a small amount of foaming agent can be used very well, the other powder of the same batch number can also be used.

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