JTR Medium-temperature Foaming Agents

JTR foaming agents is used widely in the foaming of such plastics as EVA, PE and PVC and multiple rubbers. In particular, it is suitable to the hot-pressing molding of EVA shoe material in large or small molds.

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Product details


l Foaming at medium temperature

l High whiteness of products

l Stable foaming ratio

l Uniform and fine pore holes

l No formaldehyde, and environment-friendly.


Technical Index

Item No.




Chemical component



yellow powder

Decomposing Temperature




Gas Volume ml/g





Average granular siz (μm)




     Moisture content%


     PH value



Application Specification

JTR series of foaming agents may decompose at about 160 in EVA/rubber mixture without adding activator. This series of foaming agent may decompose completely within a short time length without producing the unnecessary color resulting from the residual foaming agent.

The decomposition of this series of foaming agent is also mild relatively, so that the products will have good pores holes and excellent physical performance, and, in particular, the rebound elasticity will be enhanced greatly. JTR series of foaming agents may endow products with an adequate whiteness without adding too much such white paint, which helps to make the product has good physical performances.

The series of foaming agents is free of the odor characteristic of formaldehyde generated by common low-temperature of foaming agents.

As an ideal improved AC foaming agent, the medium-temperature foaming agent integrates the merits of both high- and low-temperature foaming agents together.

Storage and Transportation:

This series of foaming agent should be stored in a cool dry and ventilated place, and be kept away from hot, fire and direct sunlight, and no contact with acids and alkali. The product powder may not be breathed or swallowed in or contact the skin.



Powder is packaged with bag carton or drum every 25kg. Every five tons has the same batch number. If a small amount of foaming agent can be used very well. The other powder of the same batch number can also be used.

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